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UncategorizedLavender Bunches Now Available – 10 Easy Ways to Use Lavender in Your Everyday Life

Lavender Bunches Now Available – 10 Easy Ways to Use Lavender in Your Everyday Life

We Have Lavender Bunches Now Available!

Here at The Truffle Farm of Parksville – British Columbia, Canada we now have bunches of lavender available for sale! You can call us for pick up, or sometimes we have it out and available at the front gate for pick up.

If interested in our Lavendar that we have available, please contact us or message us via Facebook and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Bunches of Lavender sold at the Truffle Farm of Parksville, Canada

10 Easy Ways to Use Lavender in Your Everyday Life

Everyone loves the scent of lavender; it’s sweet, floral, and has a natural ability to sooth us. Whether you have an abundance of lavender plants in your garden or just a few pots on the window sill, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this versatile herb into your everyday life. Lavender is known for its calming properties as well as its many practical uses. It’s also one of the most accessible herbs as it thrives in almost any environment from humid rainforests to dry deserts. With that being said, here are 10 easy ways to use lavender in your everyday life…

Decorate with lavender plants.

You can easily use its branches to decorate your home for little cost. The scent of lavender is a natural air freshener, so your home can smell beautiful all year round by simply clipping some fresh branches and placing them around the house. You can also use dried lavender flowers, but they don’t have the same pleasant aroma as fresh flowers. It’s delicate flowers grow in clusters at the tip of each stalk and can be used to make beautiful bouquets.

Dried lavender for crafts and beauty.

Dried lavender is one of the most commonly used forms of lavender and is a great addition to almost any craft or beauty project. It can be used to make beautiful floral arrangements, scented sachets, or placed in a decorative bowl for a natural home fragrance. One of the most versatile craft uses for dried lavender is in scented candles. By combining melted wax, dried lavender, and a wick, you can create a beautifully scented candle that can be enjoyed year round. Dried lavender also makes a great addition to homemade natural body products like bath salts, face scrubs, and even DIY deodorant! For the beauty lovers out there, dried lavender can be used to make a natural eye makeup remover, perfume, and is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere with a scented pillow.

Use fresh lavender for cooking and baking.

Fresh lavender is best used in the kitchen or as a garnish on top of baked goods and desserts. You can mix fresh lavender with butter for a delicious herbed spread that can be enjoyed on bread or crackers and it pairs perfectly with cheese. Fresh lavender is also great for making edible gifts like lavender shortbread or lavender honey. You can use fresh lavender to make a beautiful lavender sugar that can be used in cocktails or sprinkled over baked goods. Fresh lavender is known for being very versatile in the kitchen and can be used in many different recipes. From baked goods to desserts, lavender is a common flavor in gourmet food and can be used to make everything from savory to sweet. If you are using fresh lavender flowers, be sure to dry them out before adding them to recipes as they contain a lot of water.

Make your own Lavender oil.

Lavender essential oil is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to use lavender in your everyday life. It is made from distilling the flowers of the lavender plant and can be used in a number of ways. Lavender essential oil is commonly used to soothe tired muscles, reduce anxiety and stress, and even help with sleep. You can use it to make your own massage oil, put a few drops in a hot bath, or even add it to a humidifier or vaporizer. It can also be used in DIY cleaning products. Most health food stores sell lavender essential oil as a liquid extract but it can be more cost effective to make your own using dried lavender flowers. Simply place dried lavender flowers in a jar and cover them with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, or olive oil. Make sure the jar is sealed and store it in a cool, dry place for a few weeks. You can then strain the flowers out and have fresh lavender oil to use in many different ways!

Dampen a cloth with Lavender oil and breathe easy!

For a quick and easy way to use lavender in your everyday life, making a lavender-infused cloth is a great choice. Lavender is known for being great for the skin and can be used to relieve irritation, reduce redness, and calm irritated skin. It also has soothing and relaxing properties that can help relieve stress and anxiety. The easiest way to use lavender is to put a few drops of lavender essential oil on a clean cloth and then place it in a bowl of hot water. Allow the cloth to soak in the hot water for a few hours and then place it in the bowl or on a towel next to your bed. Using lavender essential oil to make a lavender cloth is a great daily use of this versatile herb and can be used in many different ways. The hot water will evaporate the oils on the cloth and leave behind a soothing scent. It is best to use lavender essential oil on a clean cloth as it can irritate the skin if it comes into contact with the oil.

Helping kids sleep? Put a Lavender pillow in their bed.

A Lavender pillow is one of the easiest ways to use lavender in your everyday life. Lavender is known for its ability to naturally calm anxiety and help with sleep issues. It can be used to calm children before bed or put them to sleep. For the best results with a Lavender pillow, put a few drops of Lavender essential oil or even dried lavender flowers in a clean cloth and place it in the pillow. The pillow will release the scent throughout the night and provide a calming and relaxing environment for children to sleep in. Lavender is also a great pillow for adults who suffer from insomnia. Simply put a few drops of Lavender oil in the pillow and let the soothing smell help calm you down and put you to sleep! Lavender is a plant that can be easily grown indoors, so if you are having trouble finding Lavender oil at the store you can always clip a few flowers from your own plant and use them in the pillow.

Protect your furniture with Lavender oil.

If you have kids or animals who love to play on the furniture, it is easy for it to get scratched and damaged. An easy way to protect it is to add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to a cloth and wipe down the furniture once a week. This will protect the wood and keep your furniture looking new while also repelling insects. You can also use Lavender oil to protect other household items such as a wooden cutting board, wooden spoons, or even a wooden door handle!


Lavender is a wonderful herb that can be used in many different ways. From decorating your home and using it in the kitchen to protecting your furniture and helping kids sleep, there are so many ways to use this versatile herb in your everyday life. With so many ways to use it, it is impossible not to fall in love with this sweet herb!

Have any other uses for Lavender? How do you use it? Leave us a comment below!

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